Our Services
The team at Peregrine Consulting Group acts as a fractional CMO and marketing department that helps your business reach its customers while you’re growing. No matter the deliverable, we optimize proven marketing strategies through intentional experimentation and iteration. Here is a sampling of the services we provide.
Marketing strategy
Effective marketing starts with a good strategy. Each infographic, email campaign and blog post should work together to deliver a consistent message to your customers, hitting them at the right place at the right time. Using hard data, we design a cohesive marketing strategy for your business, then experiment and iterate to optimize your marketing dollar.
Project management
You have ideas for marketing initiatives, but you
don’t have the bandwidth to create timelines, find
experts, execute each piece and keep things
moving forward in a timely manner. Whether you
want to run a snappy Facebook or Google
Adwords campaign or you need an eye-catching
sales piece to mail customers, we kick off the
project and see it through to the end.
Website development
Your customers are living online.
Without a modern website, your
customers won’t be able to find you.
Our team of copywriters, designers
and developers create clean
websites that deliver your message
and are optimized for search
engines, so you show up when your
customers need you.
Regardless of whether your message is
sent in a 280-character tweet or a
seven-page eBook, the words you choose
matter. Words have the power to evoke an
emotional response from the reader and
build trust with potential clients. Our
copywriters use the proven StoryBrand
framework to craft a message that
resonates with your customers and
establishes you as an expert in your field.

A well-designed marketing piece stops a prospect in their tracks and helps drive the message home. Each piece should embody your brand by using consistent and identifiable colors, fonts, photo styles and design elements. Our killer designers not only have access to the best design tools on the market, but they know how to use them to take your marketing to the next level.

Social Media
Because a majority of Americans visit
social media sites at least once a day, you
need to be there to greet them. And
though social media has become second
nature for many of us, lots of companies
struggle with how to use the channel
effectively. We understand tactics and
strategies needed to run an effective
business account, and we stay up-to-date
on platform changes to make sure you’re
connecting online in the right way.
According to a study from Demand Gen Report, 47% of buyers viewed three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. Not only does consistent blogging help covert customers, but it boosts your search rankings, making it easier for customers to find you online. We set up your blog, manage the technical elements and create a content calendar with individual posts that answer your customer’s questions before they ask them.
Email management
The days of cold calling are gone. The
most effective place to hit your customer
is where they spend their day—in their
inbox. And we know the day and time
when your customer is most likely to read
your email, and the subject line that will
grab their attention. Whether you need
one-off sales emails, an email campaign
or a regular newsletter, our experts know
how to make email work for you.
SEO strategy
Your website or blog won’t do you any good if
it can’t be found by potential customers. And
in order for Google to show your site to
customers, your site needs to be optimized
with the right keywords, links, title tags, meta
data, alt. image text and so much more.
There’s a lot that goes into optimizing your
website, but our SEO experts make sure your
site can be read by both your customers and
their computers.
Website hosting
With platforms like Wix, SquareSpace and
WordPress, just about anyone can create
a website. But these platforms are limited
when it comes to back-end development,
SEO and design. Our team not only
ensures your website can be found online,
but we know which plug-ins to use in
order to give you the most professional
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