About Peregrine Consulting Group
Peregrine Consulting Group is a team of marketing experts who help fill in
the gaps while your business is growing. Our content, design and
development teams use best practices and hard data to build
marketing strategies tailored to your business goals. We then
deliver polished creative to help you reach your customers in an
effective way. So you can focus on running your business.
Our story
Peregrine Consulting Group was founded in early
2017 and has grown to include content
creators, design gurus and developers who
are experts in their field. We’ve worked
with a number of leading financial
advisory firms in the Midwest, so we
understand the industry inside
and out. No matter your needs,
Peregrine Consulting Group
can answer them.
Our strategy
At Peregrine Consulting Group, we dream with
eyes wide open. We combine data science with
creative marketing to develop a tailored,
strategic marketing plan and marketing
collateral for your business, which we
systematically iterate on. Each
decision we make is based on the
results of intentional
experimentation that allows
us to increase brand
reach while decreasing